It all started out when I was around 9 yrs. old when i pulled out my dad's old vinyl. In no time I bought my first guitar and started hanging out in the Central New Jersey punk scene. I taught myself how to play experimenting with different styles, but I was always drawn to Blues, Jazz, Metal, and Classical.
      I picked up a bass when I was about 15 yrs. old.  It just felt good to play with my fingers instead of a pick and I realized how much fun I could have with this. I started to pick things up from some local musicians at the time.  Fortunately for me I was growing up at a time in New Jersey when everything was happening, Asbury Park, Long Branch, Red Bank was full of talent and not letting up.
      I was 16 yrs. old when I joined my first “real” band, Black Dragon. We did a bunch of Metal covers with some originals. A year later, a friend of mine said he knew some guys in Red Bank that were looking for a Bassist. He brought me over to an abandoned school in Sea Bright and introduced me to Shaune, Scott, and Brandon. We jammed for about 3 weeks together and then released the first Ripping Corpse demo, Death Warmed Over. After 3 more demos, we released Dreaming With The Dead. We stayed together for about 5-6 yrs.
      After Ripping Corpse I moved around a bit trying to find my niche and found myself in California hanging out in the San Diego underground scene. I jammed with one of the heaviest bands in San Diego called Blindheim.  Later, I did studio work for an L.A. band, Revelation Inc... I made some of my best friends at this time and re-connected with others.
     Eventually, I went back home to the East Coast in 2006 and hooked up with guitarist Dave Linsk and became the Bassist for Speed\Kill/Hate. I Recently played for A Pale Horse Named Death on the DANZIG 25th Anniversery Tour.
      I'm now the bassist For The Corey Glover Band and discovering a whole new world of music and great vibes. I've also been keeping busy performing studio work as well . I'm Always open for new projects and a good jam, if my schedule lets me.